What are badges on Waveful

What are badges on Waveful

Waveful badges are one of the topics we address most frequently with our users, because they are often the subject of questions and curiosity.

Badges on Waveful are awards that enhance the work of users on the platform. By acknowledgments we mean that users are rewarded for interactions and constancy during their experience on Waveful through collectible badges on their profile.


The ability to earn badges upon achievement of certain objectives, makes them one of the workhorses of Waveful, along with the ability to create a Tsunami and the opportunity to become a Creator.


Imagine that you have a great following on Waveful, you publish several posts a day, you manage one or more Tsunamis and you have a lot of interaction with your content. Upon achieving some objectives you can show on your profile the results obtained by dragging, from the"badges" section in the settings of your profile, the badge you like the most in your bio. Users will be able to see your results by consulting your badge collection from your profile. Waveful itself will notify you that you have obtained a new badge by sending a notification.


Badges on Waveful: the types


As already mentioned, the badges on Waveful are recognitions that users get simply by using Waveful in all its functions. There are therefore several types of badges, and many that will come with new updates. We can distinguish two categories of badges on Waveful: statistics badges and special badges. 

Let's see together, to date, in version 1.7.2 of Waveful, the categories of badges related to the statistics we can get:

  • Followers badges;
  • Likes badges;
  • Views badges;
  • Views time badges .


Badges for followers are the awards that are given to users upon reaching a certain number of followers, so you can get a badge for each ceiling set by Waveful when reaching a number of followers.


If you use Waveful, you will be aware that on your user profile, next to your number of followers, you can also find the sum of the likes of all your posts. Badges for likes are those awards that you will get when you reach a certain number of likes set by Waveful.


Views badges were created to celebrate views goals. By posting content on Waveful you can accumulate views that will allow you to reach this type of badges.


Waveful also wants to reward the time of views of the content of its users by also inserting badges for watch time. The more users watch your content, the longer your posts will be watched.


We have listed the types of statistic badges, let's now see together the special badges and their categories:

  • Special badges;
  • Badge for invitations;
  • Badges for post series;
  • Seasonal badges;
  • Holiday badges.


Special Badges are those types of badges that have been created to celebrate certain goals in the app, which can be announced and written, or mysterious. A special mention for the badge that everyone aspires to and that they would like to obtain, the secret badge, a badge that has no indications on how to reach it.


Invitation Badges are those badges created to reward users who invite their friends to Waveful. Through a simple personalized link, created by Waveful for each of its users, you can invite your friends simply by sending this link in private chat. If your friends join Waveful through your link, you will be rewarded with special badges when you reach a number of invitations set by Waveful. 


Post Series Badges reward consistent users when posting content on Waveful.


Seasonal Badges reward the opening of Waveful during the seasons of the year.


Holiday Badges reward the opening of Waveful during the holidays of the year such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.


How to insert badges on your profile


To insert the badges on your Waveful profile, all you have to do is follow the steps that we list below:

  • Open your Waveful profile;
  • At the top right, press on the settings wheel;
  • Press on the item "badge";
  • Select the badge you prefer and drag it to your bio.


You can change the badges in your bio as many times as you want and, slowly, you can collect them until you get them all.


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