How to create a Tsunami on Waveful

How to create a Tsunami on Waveful

How to create a Tsunami on Waveful is a very recurring question by our users, because, few people know, that it is not immediately accessible to create a Tsunami. Thanks to this simple guide I will show you step by step the requirements necessary to create a Tsunami and the steps necessary to succeed.

We have extensively dedicated ourselves to the global market of Social Network and how the latter have changed our habits, today we see how to create a Tsunami on Waveful.




Before guiding you step by step to creating a Tsunami, let us pause to explain what Tsunamis are and what they are for.

Waveful Tsunamis are particular places, similar to communities, created to connect users with common passions and interests. Imagine places where you can find content related to your interests and people who share your passions.

Inside the Tsunamis you can upload photos, videos and audio related to the category of the Tsunami.

With over 5k Tsunamis created on Waveful, you can find the one that suits you, start posting your passions and compare yourself with users who share your interests.




Now that we've shown you what Tsunamis are, we can start seeing the steps to create one.

First of all, have you already become a Creator on Waveful? Yes, as soon as you create your Waveful account you can start posting photos, videos and audios, on your profile and on existing Tsunamis, but you will not be able to create a Tsunami right away. To create a Tsunami you will necessarily have to have reached 1000 views of the total posts. Then, simply start posting photos, videos, or audios to accumulate the views you need in order to reach the limit. Once you reach 1000 views of the total posts, you can finally create your own Tsunami. To do this, you will have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Waveful profile;
  • At the top right select the settings wheel;
  • Select the item "Tsunami";
  • Create a Tsunami.


Well, once you get to this point, you will simply have to enter:

  • Tsuname;
  • Name;
  • Description;
  • Rules.


We recommend you to be very careful, the Tsuname will be the unique name of the Tsunami, it cannot be changed in the future, so be sure of your choice. Choose a Tsuname that suits your Tsunami and the content that will be published within it.


The Name can be changed in the future, it does not have to be the same as the Tsuname.


The Description of the Tsunami is an important element to distinguish your Tsunami from those of others, be creative, specify the characteristics of your Tsunami.


The Rules will be the guidelines to follow for the members of your Tsunami. For example, what content is allowed, what is prohibited and how to behave. You'll have the power to remove posts that violate your rules. 


Once you have done these simple steps, you will have to choose an appropriate profile photo for your Tsunami and here you will be ready to start posting.

Remember to always create interaction, it will be the key to retaining the first active users on your Tsunami.

If your Tsunami is successful, and you need to administer the content, you can choose one or more admins who will help you remove content that is not allowed by your guidelines. You can do this by entering the settings of your Tsunami and select the "administrators" item.




If you've come this far, it means you're really going to create your first Tsunami. Remember, however, to carefully choose all the elements necessary to create it, once the creation is complete, you will have to wait seven days to create another Tsunami. So make sure that you have entered everything right and that you have not done anything wrong. What are you waiting for? Get ready to have fun!


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!