How to become a Creator on Waveful

How to become a Creator on Waveful

Becoming a creator on Waveful is a fundamental step to start enjoying a series of advantages in the app that Waveful makes available to its users.

The possibility of becoming a creator on Waveful opens the way to a world of possibilities that will make you live your Social experience to the fullest. In this guide we will explain the fundamental steps in order to become a creator on Waveful and all the advantages that this function offers you.


Who are the Creators on Waveful


Before explaining how to become a creator on Waveful it is necessary to frame who is a creator and why Waveful decided to focus its Social experience on creators. Becoming a creator on Waveful is a fundamental step to make the most of the advantages that the platform offers its users. A creator on Waveful is a user who posts original content in order to improve his or her in-app experience and that of the users who follow it. By original content, we mean personalized content, which differs from the crowd and is not seen daily.

The "creator" function was created to enhance the content published by users, in fact Waveful shares 50% of its earnings with creators based on how much users interact with their posts, precisely because they are considered pillars of Waveful.


The advantages of becoming a creator


As anticipated, Waveful's creator feature offers users some advantages that we list below:


Waveful stands out from other Social Networks for the possibility of creating communities (Tsunamis) that connect users with common interests and passions. The ability to create a Tsunami, however, occurs exclusively after becoming creators, so you can create your first Tsunami once you have become a creator. 


Once you become a creator on Waveful you will have the chance to earn real money based on user interactions on your posts. Becoming a Creator on Waveful will provide you with the chance to receive the money accrued during the month, which will be based on the interactions of your posts and the Supelikes received.

If you haven't become a creator yet, but have noticed that you're already accumulating money with your content, don't worry, the money accrued before becoming a creator will remain in your Waveful balance and you'll still find it even when you become a creator. The real advantage will be the ability to link your IBAN in order to receive payment from Waveful itself.

Waveful in fact, once you reach € 5, will disburse the money directly to your IBAN. This operation takes place automatically the first two weeks of the month following the achievement of € 5. So you won't have to worry about anything, Waveful itself will send the money directly to your IBAN.


The requirements to become a Creator


Once you create a Waveful account, you won't be able to become a creator right away. Waveful, in fact, has established a basic requirement to be able to become a creator: that is, 5000 views of the total posts. Simply start publishing content on your profile but not only, even on Tsunamis already created by other users, and you can start collecting views and reach 5000 views of total posts as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, you have already become a creator and would like to create a Tsunami of your own in which to publish your content and grow your community, this article will certainly be for you.


How to become a Creator on Waveful: The steps


The steps to become a creator on Waveful are very simple and intuitive. If you then have all the necessary requirements to become a creator on Waveful, you can proceed with the steps below:

  • Open your user profile;
  • At the top right, press on the settings wheel;
  • Select the item "Creator";
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select "I want to become a creator."


By taking these simple steps you will be in effect a creator on Waveful.


If you still haven't convinced yourself to land on Waveful, we're sure that this article will definitely change your mind!


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