Waveful app

Waveful app

With the advent of the digital age, staying in touch with others is increasingly important, which is why Social Networks have become an integral part of our daily lives. If you haven't heard of it yet, for some time there is a new Social Network, which promises to be a turning point in the Social world: its name? Waveful app. With its user friendly interface, easy-to-use design and wide range of features, Waveful app offers users a number of possibilities to connect with friends and family. In this article we want to explain what Waveful app is and what its features are.


What is Waveful app?


Waveful app, what is it? As anticipated, Waveful app is a new Social Network released in December 2020 and made entirely by Italian guys; you can download Waveful app for free from (Android) Google Play Store and (IOS) Apple Store, create an account and start publishing immediately. Waveful app takes up the main features of the big Social Networks, with some customization elements inside.


On Waveful you can publish photos, videos and audios, grow on your user profile and create simple communities called on the "Island" application. Within the Island you can connect with users who share your same passions and interests and thus create a community of users with common passions. How not to mention the possibility of publishing temporary posts also called"stories", with which you can choose whether to publish from 6h up to 72h, once the chosen period is over the post will automatically self-destruct.


Another important element of customization of Waveful app is certainly the ability to customize your user profile with badges, special tags that attest to the achievement of a certain goal in the app.

Whether you're looking for something simple or something more complex, Waveful's badges come in a variety of styles and designs that are sure to suit any personality. You can then choose whether to show the badges that suit you best or select the rarest badges you have obtained.


How does Waveful app work?


How does Waveful app work? If you have come this far we think you definitely want to download Waveful app and start using the new Italian Social Network, but we advise you to read these last lines of the article to be even more ready to enjoy the Social experience that Waveful has to offer you.


Waveful app has a simple and intuitive interface, once you have created an account you will be catapulted into the homepage, where you can find the posts (called Wave on Waveful) of the users you follow, the trending posts on the application and the "new"posts that have recently been published on Waveful app.


In the "explore" section you can search for users and discover the most popular Islands on the platform. You can also find an in-app section dedicated to new messages, message requests and notifications.


An important feature that has been very successful is certainly the possibility of getting paid for the interactions that are obtained on their posts. Waveful app in fact shares 50% of its revenue with the Creators on the platform; for all the details on payments on Waveful we recommend reading this article.


In short, on Waveful app there is everything you need to give space to your creativity and show your passions. If you have already started using Waveful app but have some doubts about it, we advise you to consult our FAQs, where you can find questions to the most common answers about Waveful; or our support channels, from which one of our operators can help you solve everything you need.


Have fun!


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