Islands: all the necessary actions to make them grow and increase the following

Islands: all the necessary actions to make them grow and increase the following

Islands are the place where users meet to share their interests, the place to escape their minds and try to get away from the monotony of the day, comparing users who have the same passions.


Very often, however, you need to make your passion known to as many people as possible, and then increase the following of an Island, to get the posts published to as many people as possible.


Therefore, on our part, the need for make known all the necessary actions to grow an Island and increase its following.


Islands, what they are and what is their function


Before explaining all the actions necessary to increase the follow-up of an Island, we would like to clarify what they are and what their function is.


Islands were born as a place where users share their interests and passions with other users. The engagement between people with common interests creates a community of users who confront, laugh and joke, thus creating a bond between them.

Islands were born precisely for this reason, we would not need to share photos, videos and audio if we did not have someone to share them with.


Their function is therefore to create a place where users feel free to express themselves about certain themes and topics.


If you are a Creator on Waveful, you will surely know that you have the possibility to create an Island per week regarding a topic of your interest. If you haven't done it yet and you don't know how to do it, we have written an article about it.


Islands: how to best use them to increase the following


So here we are at the heart of this article, how to best use an Island and increase its following. Let's see together all the necessary actions to grow an Island and increase its following:

  • Constancy: you created an Island on one of your passions, which you feel yours in all respects, how to advertise it? Starting to publish content actively. You know, constancy is the key to achieving any goal, and constancy in publishing content on your Island will surely be the right weapon to attract new users and make     your Island known;
  • Create Engagement: To attract users' attention, it will be necessary for you to be active on your account, not only by posting content, but also by creating engagement. With engagement we mean all those actions aimed at involving other users and creating a relationship of trust on Social Networks. Like, write comments and, if you have the chance, put Superlike to get noticed. These actions will certainly be more effective if done with users who you believe may have     the same interests as you, and therefore who may be interested in your Island;
  • Island challenges: once you have consolidated the actions above and have reached a circle of users interested in your Island, you will be able to start the Island challenges, which will allow you to choose a topic which will then be the theme of the users publication. Island Challenges will provide a publishing boost to your Island because upon launch, a notification will appear to join the challenge to all the members of your Island;
  • Messages: last but not least, you can write to friends or users who you think may be interested in your Island, simply inviting them to join; you can use the emoji of the wave followed by the name of your Island to get a direct link.


We are sure that by activating all the actions mentioned above your Island will be reachable by more people, you will increase the engagement and consequently the following. 

For any questions or concerns about it, you can write to us directly to our support channels, through them you can also let us know how your Island is going and, if you have used other methods, let us know.


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!