How to make money with Social Networks

How to make money with Social Networks

With the arrival of Social Networks, not only our way of thinking and communicating has changed, but also that of advertising products and services. Companies, sensing the enormous potential of these media, are dedicated to Social Networks using them no longer as platforms for leisure and relax, but as real media with a totally customizable language. There are several methods to earn with Social Networks.

We have already talked about how expanding the global market of Social Networks is, today we want to talk about the new possibilities of earning online through Social.




Many of us have wondered how it is possible to get to a point where we can earn with Social Networks. Before starting to explain the main ways to make money with Social Networks, you must be clear about what to promote through your Social channels; do you have a business and want to advertise your products / services? Do you have a passion and want to share it with your followers? Or do you have a strong character and a prominent personality and believe you can become an influencer? If you fit into these three categories, Social Networks are definitely what you need. 

There are several methods that allow you to start earning with Social Networks:

  • Become an Influencer;
  • Collaborate with famous brands;
  • Sell products and services;
  • Getting paid by Social Networks.




If you think you have all the cards on the table to become a famous and appreciated person; the work of influencers is the one for you. The goal is to get you paid by companies for sponsored posts.

We would like to warn you that the road to becoming famous on Social Media is long and could take a long time, but what is sure, is that you will be rewarded properly.

There are some small precautions that will help you start with the right attitude:


  • Choose the Social Networks on which to bet;
  • Take care of your profile and your content;
  • Create interaction.


As already mentioned, the global market of Social Networks is constantly increasing, this has generated the creation of new Social Platforms, which, to date, are thousands. We therefore recommend that you choose 2/3 maximum platforms on which to retain your followers and start publishing your content. 


Each Social Network has a user profile, which must be taken care of and in line with the image you want your followers to perceive. For this reason we advise you to take care of your content, choose the right time in which to publish it with the right descriptions and hashtags.


For some months now, the interactions on the content you publish are essential to increase the visibility of your profile; it will then be necessary for your posts to create interaction between users, so likes, comments and shares. The higher the number of interactions on your content, the greater the visibility of your profile.




When it comes to earning money with Social Networks, the mind of many immediately goes to the so-called influencers, or very followed users who collaborate with famous brands to advertise various products or services for a fee. To use this form of monetization of your Social accounts, which in recent years has taken hold especially on Instagram, you need to have a very popular account:companies, in fact, want to reach a very large audience and, for this reason, they are willing to collaborate only with users who are actually very popular.


Once you have achieved the desired results on Social Media, you can propose a collaboration to one or more brands. When posting sponsored content, remember to have respect for your followers and let them know that what you're posting is Advertising using the correct hashtags.




The sale of products and services through social media is a recurring activity, typical of companies that decide to focus on the enormous potential of these media. If you have a business but do not yet know how to start selling your products or services on Social, we recommend our guide on how to grow your business through Social Networks.

In fact, some platforms allow you to make sales directly or indirectly.

On Instagram and Facebook you can create a business page and use the functions provided by Zuckenberg's applications to sell your products and services. If you therefore need to make sales, and you want to do it through Social, these two platforms mentioned above could be for you.




As anticipated, there are some Social platforms that allow you to earn money simply thanks to the content you publish.


The biggest example is certainly TikTok, which, thanks to some functions in the app, allows you to receive gifts(equivalent to a cash consideration) from users. In addition, TikTok recognizes a cash consideration to its users that is based on the number of views of its content.


Obviously we cannot fail to mention Youtube, the Google platform dedicated to the editing of video content that offers its users the opportunity to receive real money by activating the monetization of their account.


Another great platform that has been depopulated for a long time but that has taken hold with the Pandiemia from Covid-19 is certainly Twitch, Amazon's platform dedicated to live video. With Twitch, users have the ability to watch exclusively live content. The feature that makes the difference is the ability to receive live donations and subscribe to a monthly subscription for the channel you want to watch.


Last but not least, Waveful the new Social Network created entirely by Italian guys who proposes itself as a "Social Democrat" ready to remunerate its users for the content they publish. On Waveful you can publish photos, videos and audio and receive real money based on the impressions of your posts, so they do not count the number of followers of a profile but count the individual views of the posts that are published. In addition, Waveful offers the possibility of receiving Superlikes, paid likes that, if received, create an immediate boost on revenue.

Waveful pays its users through PayPal a secure and immediate payment system that allows you to receive the revenue generated during the month at the time of payment by the app.


In short, we have seen that the methods and motivations to start investing time and money on Social Media are many.


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!