How to grow your business with Social Media

How to grow your business with Social Media

Social Media have become an essential tool in everyday life, they have upset our way of appearing and talk to others. The changes brought by the arrival of Social Media have changed not only the way of appearing private, but also that of brands and companies.


We have already explained the importance of Social Networks and what has changed since their arrival; today we are going to see how to grow your business with Social Media.




In recent years, Social Media have been used more and more often by companies to advertise their products or services and promote events. Behind the work on Social Media by companies there is always a good Marketing Strategy.

With Marketing Strategy it is meant a planning of all those actions aimed at maximizing sales and obtaining a competitive advantage over the competition.

  • plan contents;
  • the time of post;
  • the type of language to be used;
  • the frequency of post.


It is a good idea, during the month, to plan the contents of the following month, taking into account all the possible events that need to be communicated on your Social channels, such as the release of new products.

You will need to choose the most appropriate publication time, based on the type of target that follows your content. To be clear, if you deal with children's content, the most suitable publication time can certainly not be in the school timetable. You will always have to pay attention to possible events that, during the time you have chosen for publication, could obscure your visibility.


The type of language you use will be the key to convincing and seducing your clientele. Through the language you will have the possibility to give an identity to your company page and many users will be able to reflect themselves in the language you use, making loyalty much easier. 

Last but not least, the frequency of post. You will have to be active, and publish on a frequent weekly basis using all the elements that each Social Network makes available. The frequency of posts will allow you to develop in a regular way the growth of followers and increase the visibility of the account.


These elements will make your Social presence more pleasing to customers and will allow you to maximize the use of Social Networks in relation to your business objectives.


It is therefore very important for any type of company to know how to make the best use of their Social channels to:

  • increase customer loyalty;
  • target customers;
  • attract customers.


The users who will follow your content on Social Media from the beginning will for the most part be people who already know your business and your products/services. Starting from a good audience base, you can retain your customers and attract new ones by creating interesting content and studying your most trusted customers.




From photos to videos, from audios to statuses, Social Media is a huge pool of data and contain a multitude of features that every user decides to exploit as best he likes and likes. The creation of content on Social Media offers the possibility of extrapolating information that may be useful to Brands in order to retain or attract users.

However, the information provided by Social Networks is often useless or not very relevant if seen by an inexperienced eye. That is the reason why it is important to distinguish the data that Social Media provides us with:

  • Demographic information;
  • Interests and passions;
  • behaviour.


Demographics are among the most important to your business.  Facebook and Instagram offer the possibility to start a business page, which will allow you to extrapolate a series of information such as: age, gender, place and spoken language. Through this data you can outline the profile of your ideal customer.


Interests and passions are the simplest and most important data to identify in a user. Through them you can study your users in depth and outline even more the profile of your ideal customer.

Social Media analytics tools allow you to know every move that has been made by users on your page, and then you will be able to observe the most liked posts or those with the most interaction, from how much you have followed and how many times you have been"tagged". This is why the behavior of a user on your business page becomes very simple to identify and outline.


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