Waveful earnings

Waveful earnings

Earnings on Waveful are often the subject of curiosity by our users, the possibility of earning real money based on user interactions on their content is tempting to the Creators of the platform who very often want to know how and how the users' gain on Waveful is calculated.


Waveful is an innovative platform that offers its users the chance to earn real money. It allows content Creators, artists, influencers and other professionals to turn their talent into profit. Today, however, we want to clarify everything related to earnings on Waveful. We would like to point out that all the features we will talk about soon will be available once you become a Creator on the platform, you can find all the information about it in this article.


Waveful earnings: what they are calculated on


Are you ready to make money with social media interactions? Waveful offers a new opportunity for content Creators to earn real money through user interactions on their posts. Yes, you read that right! Now you can turn your time spent on social networks into a profitable business.


You're probably wondering: how is it possible to calculate users' earnings on Waveful through your posts? Through an algorithm that monitors for each user the interactions of other users on their posts, it is possible to assign each user a monthly gain calculated exclusively on the content that the latter publishes on Waveful. The algorithm will make a sum of all the engagement received on Waveful including views, comments, likes and Superlikes received.

The money accrued on Waveful will remain in your Waveful account and you can track your earnings from your profile settings, under "payment"or even more in detail in the "statistics".


Waveful earnings: where to monitor them


If you are already a Creator on Waveful you can track your monthly earnings from your profile settings, under "statistics", from which you can monitor your annual, monthly, weekly and daily earnings.

Following numerous questions from our users, we want to explain to you all the items that you can find in the statistics and the explanations of each of them:

  • Total views: all views obtained on your content in a given period of time;
  • Unique views: the individual views for all Wave (post) published in a given period of time;
  • Display time: the total time of views in seconds over a given period of time;
  • Likes: the total likes obtained in a given period of time;
  • Comments: the total comments obtained in a given period of time;
  • Sharing: the shares obtained on your content in a certain period of time;
  • Superlikes: Superlikes obtained in a certain period.

As a last measurable element in the statistics we have the estimated revenue, or the revenue obtained in a given period of time obtained from the engagement of all the posts published. We would like to point out that the estimated revenues are very approximate estimates and can vary considerably from the real ones. Estimated revenue is calculated based on views, Superlikes, and other factors. The conversion of the appropriate currency, if necessary, is handled by us at Waveful.


Waveful earnings: payment method


With the information received above, you will now have a clearer idea of how our users earnings on Waveful are calculated. But how do we pass on the revenue earned on Waveful to our users?


We have dedicated a section in the app, reachable from the settings of your profile, entirely for earnings; from which you can enter your payment details to receive the money accrued on Waveful. The section we are talking about is called"payment" and allows you to enter an Iban to receive the money accrued on Waveful. At the moment, the iban is the only possible payment method to enter on Waveful.

We would like to clarify that you can withdraw the money upon reaching a minimum of € 5, you can do it when you want simply by pressing the "withdraw" button in the"payment" section we were talking about earlier.


With the information above you can also integrate our FAQ, where you can find a lot of specific information related to earnings on Waveful.


For any questions or concerns you can write us directly to our support channels for more information regarding payments on Waveful.


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