Terms of Use for Creators

Hi 👋
I'm Waveful, the creator-friendly social network where everyone can become a creator 🌊

Before diving in a more formal explanation of our Terms of Use for Creators, let me briefly tell you my mission 🚀
My goal is to be a social network where everyone can share their passions and feel welcomed in a comfortable and positive environment; where creators can thrive and where users can enjoy original content, find new meaningful connections and have fun. I hope I'm doing well in this, but you be the judge!

To allow the accomplishment of this mission I set some rules for everyone to follow, so I can provide a safe place for everyone.
I hope you understand that these rules are here not for giving you any inconvenience but for allowing an enjoyable experience to every user.
Therefore, content that can lead to a negative or harmful environment cannot be posted on Waveful.

Now I'll leave you to a more formal explanation of my Terms of Use for Creators, and thanks for being here!

And if you need any help on understanding any part of this document, send us a message at support@waveful.app, will be happy to help you ✨

Recitals and Definitions

Art. 1 - Recitals and Definitions

1.1. The Recitals and Definitions form an integral and essential part of this Agreement.

1.2. The Definitions indicated in this Agreement shall have the same meaning (except for the number) if used in the plural and vice versa.

Art. 2 - How to become a Creator

2.1. To become a Creator the User must:

2.2. The Provider has the right to periodically verify and check the accuracy of the requirements referred to in the previous art. 2.1 and, in the case of proven irregularities and/or inaccuracies, has the right to withdraw from this Agreement without notice, with the exclusion of any and all rights of the Creator to refunds, indemnities and/or damages, direct and indirect, material and non-material, potential, current, future, punitive (by way of example and not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill).

Art. 3 - Economic conditions

3.1. The Creator has the right to receive compensation on his/her Wallet in the following cases:

Any modification of the aforementioned criteria will take effect at the beginning of the following Period (e.g. in the event that the criteria are changed on 15th September, they will be effective from 1st October).

It is understood that the Creator shall receive the aforementioned amounts in exchange for the license granted by the latter to the Provider (see art. 5.5 of the General Terms and Conditions).

3.2. The Provider will credit the amounts due within 15 (fifteen) days of the expiry of each Period.

3.3. The Creator can use the credit available on the Wallet to:

3.4. In the event that the Creator wishes to request a cash out, the following provisions will apply:

3.5. It is expressly understood that the Provider will apply any tax withholdings applicable to the amounts accrued by the Creator in compliance with current tax legislation.

Art. 4 - Applicable law and exclusive jurisdiction

4.1. This Agreement is governed by Italian law, with the exclusion of any reference to the legislation on international private law;

4.2. For any dispute relating to the validity, existence, interpretation, application, execution and/or termination of one or more clauses of this Agreement, or in any case deriving from it in any way, the Court of Rome will have exclusive territorial jurisdiction, with the express exclusion of any alternative and/or competing forum.

Published on December 23, 2022.