Frequently Asked Questions

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Profile Questions

How often is the likes count on my profile updated?
If I delete my post, will the likes remain counted on my profile?
What are badges?
How do I add a badge to my profile?
What are colors for?
How to unlock the secret badge?
How to fast-scroll back up when viewing the posts of a profile?
I have more than one Waveful account, can I quickly switch between accounts?

Tsunamis Questions

What are Tsunamis on Waveful?
How often can I create a Tsunami?
How many views are needed before a Tsunami can be created?
Can I change the "Tsuname" of my Tsunami?
What is the "Tsuname" of a Tsunami?
What is the Tsunami pass?
Is it possible to delete a Tsunami?
How do I tag a Tsunami in the app?
Can I assign administrator permissions to a user of my Tsunami?
How many administrators can I put in my Tsunami?
Can I publish in multiple Tsunamis at the same time?
Do posts that are posted by other users in my Tsunami affect my monthly earnings?
What is Tsunami's tide score?
How do I start a Tsunami challenges?
Who can start a Tsunami challenge?
Do Tsunami challenges include rewards?
Can I start multiple challenges at the same time in the same Tsunami?
How do I share my Tsunami link?
How to fast-scroll back up when viewing the posts of a Tsunami?

Creators Questions

How do I become a Creator on Waveful?
Once I become a Creator, what are the benefits in the app?

Payments Questions

What is the monthly payments algorithm based on?
How is money transferred from my Waveful account to my bank?
Is IBAN the only banking circuit that can be connected to my Waveful account?
I don't have a IBAN, what can I do?
I don't have an IBAN, if i don't withdraw the money i lose it?
How often and when are payments made?
Can I link the same IBAN to two Waveful accounts?
What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from my Waveful account?
How much is the monetary value of a Superlike assigned to a user?

Shop Questions

What are Superlikes?
What's a Premium profile?

Minor Safety Questions

What is the minimum age to create an account on Waveful?
What is the minimum age to view sensitive contents?
I’m under 18 years old, why don’t i see the "new" section?

Moderation Questions

Can I post content showcasing nudity on Waveful?