Waveful update 1.9 is out

Waveful update 1.9 is out

We are pleased to announce that the new update 1.9 of Waveful is out, which includes brand new features and fixes some bugs on our platform.


Waveful wants to become a better place and offer the best Social experience to its users through new updates that will implement new and functional features to the needs of users.

In fact, there are many surprises in store from Waveful for future updates of the app; update 1.9 is one of them.

 Update 1.8, online since June 24, has also confirmed our intentions and introduced:

  • Pitch to zoom for posts: the ability to enlarge images and videos, so you can see in great details every content on Waveful (zoom also working for Audios, increasing the volume);
  • Tsunami pass: Tsunami administrators can choose a badge that users must necessarily have to enter their tsunami;
  • Translations: you can see the translations of posts in your language, thanks to the 'see translation' button;
  • Waveful Servers: we have started to implement multiple data center locations, so uploading images, video and audio will be much faster and more reliable;
  • We've improved the estimated revenue graph for Creators, making it clearer, more useful, and more readable.


Now let's see together what the new update 1.9 of Waveful introduces:

  • Huge performance improvements due to an improved connection to the database;
  • Three new badges: receve a like on your comment from the post author to unlock progress for the badge. The key to unlock these badges is to be kind or funny with your comments;
  • The superlike and premium pages have been merged together, now you can find both superlikes and premium subscription in the "Shop" page;
  • An exact counter has been added for the number of followers: press the followers number to see exactly how many followers you or someone else have;
  • Fix the folder button not working correctly when creating a new post;
  • Fix some errors with the Tsunami Pass functionality;


If you haven't already done so, you can download the new Waveful update 1.9 directly from your app store. If you have any problems related to the new update 1.9 of Waveful, you can contact us through our support channels.


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!