Waveful rewards you

Waveful rewards you

Waveful rewards you with great in-app rewards to make your social experience even more engaging.

For some time now, Waveful has included the possibility of getting the free Premium, the ways to get it are different, in this article we will explain how Waveful rewards you and all the actions necessary to be rewarded.  

Waveful: what is Premium 

How not to reward your dedication in introducing Waveful to friends and family and sailing with you to make your experience on Waveful even more immersive! Before explaining how to get the free Premium on Waveful we want to explain what Premium is and what are the advantages it offers on our application.

Premium on Waveful is an extra package that offers our users:

  • Advertisements removed, you will not find any advertising in scrolling through the contents;
  • Extra colors of your profile to customize it to your liking and meet your preferences;
  • Increased maximum quality with the ability to upload images in 4K;
  • Special VIP badge to show on your profile;
  • The ability to publish in the famous Island Premium.

These are the advantages offered by the Waveful Premium, not bad eh? But, how to get them for free?


Waveful rewards you with Premium

We have just explained what Premium is and what are the advantages it offers on our application, now we want to explain how to get Premium for free:


1- Create a video content on Tik Tok, Instagram (reels) and Youtube (shorts) in which you explain the features of Waveful and what are the advantages of Creators on our platform. The topic of the video is to raise awareness of Waveful. What do we offer you in return? The mere publication of the video on the social networks above will immediately guarantee you 30 days of free Premium; If your video reaches 5000 views, you'll also get 10 free superlikes. But it doesn't end there, because if your video reaches 100K views, you will have obtained the Lifetime Premium on Waveful.

In all three cases above, remember to send the video link to @WavefulSupport, our in-app support channel, our customer support colleagues will assign you, within 48 hours, the prizes you are entitled to based on the number of views of your video.


2- Who among us does not have friends and relatives who surf the main social networks in circulation, but, the latter know Waveful? Your user is privileged for us, in fact every Waveful account has a personal link to send to their friends, who, if they follow the link you sent them to download Waveful, will donate to you 7 days of free Premium when they land on Waveful. You can find your invitation link in your profile settings under 'invite'.


If you are a regular user of Waveful you will have noticed that from the settings of your profile, under 'shop', you can also buy the Premium obtaining, in addition to the advantages above, also 18 extra superlikes to purchase.


If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to write to us on our support channels. What are you waiting for? Run on Waveful and get Premium now for free!


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!