Waveful on pc

Waveful on pc

Waveful on PC is definitely one of the most frequently asked question that our users ask us as it is a highly requested feature for convenience and usability. Few, however, know that in reality Waveful on PC already exists but is not accessible to everyone. In this article we explain how to access Waveful on PC and what are the requirements necessary to use it.


Waveful on pc how to access


Waveful on PC, at the moment, is accessible only with the latest models of Apple computers, but accessing it is very simple. If you are an owner of a recent model of Apple computer, all you have to do is go to your app store and search for "Waveful"; the UI will be exactly the same as that of your mobile device. You will be able to log in to your Waveful account using the same login method you use on your mobile device. 


If you own an older model of Apple computer, you can check for yourself if Waveful web is available on your device by typing "Waveful" on your app store.


Some precautions so that Waveful on PC works in the best way: due to some problems with the MacOS operating system, access by email link to your Waveful account is limited by the need to have "Safari", the well-known Apple browser, as the default browser on your PC. You will need to enter Safari as the default browser only when logging into your Waveful account from the web, once done you can return to your browser previously set as default.


Waveful on pc how to access it by Windows


Are you a Windows computer owner and would like to use Waveful web on your device? There is the possibility to access Waveful also through Windows devices. 


We would like to clarify that it is not an official method to access Waveful on PC, but simply an alternative for all those who do not own a recent Apple computer.


Some users have reported the possibility of using some Android emulators to use Waveful on PC. Emulators are programs that allow the execution of software originally written for a different environment (hardware or software) within which the emulator runs. Through some emulators then you can use Waveful on PC, just search on Google some examples of Android emulators.


However, we would like to clarify again that it is not an official method to access Waveful on PC.


We're sure we've been helpful. For any questions or doubts about it you can write directly to our support channels.


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