The Tsunami guide for the perfect Tsunami

The Tsunami guide for the perfect Tsunami

What are you going to create? A Tsunami is the place where users gather to share their interests and passions, so inside it there will be content related to the topic of your Tsunami, you will establish the topic together with the conditions to be respected to publish in the latter.


The creation screen of your Tsunami is depending on the topic on which you are creating it, fill it in carefully and make sure that in the fields where the compilation is required everything is right:

  • Tsuname: The Tsuname is the name of the topic on which you want to focus the contents of your Tsunami, it is the unique name of your Tsunami, it cannot be changed in the future, be sure of your choice;
  • Name: The name of your Tsunami does not have to be the same as the Tsuname, it must still remain in line with the topic of your Tsunami, unlike the Tsuname, you can change it in the future;
  • Description: The description of your Tsunami, feel free to express the values of your Tsunami and the explanation of what can be found within it;
  • Rules: In this section you will have to choose rules that must be respected by the members of your Tsunami, be clear and concise and make sure that they are respected.

Once these items have been filled in, all you have to do is press the "+" button at the bottom right. Congratulations, you just created your Tsunami.

The perfect Tsunami


At this point you are ready to create your own Tsunami. The perfect Tsunami will surely be a Tsunami with an identity enclosed in its Creator, who will transmit to the members of his Tsunami the importance of being part of it and the values contained within it. If you are a fan of engines, you will surely be the right person to create a Tsunami focused entirely on engines and everything related to them. Our advice is therefore to create a Tsunami inherent to a topic that you care about and that you are sure you can pioneer at the time of creation and in the future.


Create interaction and become the number one member of your Tsunami, the one who encourages users to join and publish within it. Make sure that the content posted is always relevant to the topic of your Tsunami, and be prepared to remove what is not centered. Don't leave your Tsunami abandoned and make sure, in case you don't succeed, that someone takes care of it for you, such as an administrator, a trusted user who shares your passion for engines(example) and who can take your place in case you are missing for a period.


We are sure that we have given you the right motivation to administer your first Tsunami.


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to write to us directly to our support channels.


Have fun!


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