Tsunami Challenges: Everything you should know

Tsunami Challenges: Everything you should know

It's no longer news, Tsunami challenges have started to take hold on Waveful and thousands of users have already taken part in it. But, what are Tsunami challenges and how can they improve your Waveful experience?

In this article we reveal everything you should know about Tsunami challenges and how to best use them.


If you still do not know what a Tsunami is and how to create one, we leave you the reading of some articles that will guide you step by step to its creation, below the Tsunami guide for the perfect Tsunami and Tsunamis: all the actions necessary to make them grow and increase the following.


Tsunami challenges: what are they for


With the new update 1.23 the brand new Tsunami challenges have arrived on Waveful, but what are they for and how to best use them?


Tsunami challenges are 24-hour challenges that involve all users of a Tsunami to publish one or more content related to the topic of the challenge. The advantage of the Tsunami challenges is certainly the involvement that the latter will bring to the Tsunami itself; in fact there will be a boom of posts related not only to the topic of the challenge, but also to the topic of the Tsunami, which will bring enormous benefits on the quality, involvement and popularity points of the Tsunami (Tsunami points).


Tsunami challenges are therefore an important weapon in the hands of Tsunami administrators to stimulate their users to publish content related to the topic of the challenge.

It will then be the administrator's responsibility to choose the right time to launch it and the correct topic, in line with the topic of his Tsunami.


Once you start a challenge, a countdown will appear on the homepage of your Tsunami with a share button next to it, use this feature to promote the challenge on Waveful and on all your social portals.


That's it, the challenge is active!

Tsunami Challenges: useful info


Now that we have explained what the Tsunami challenges are for, we leave you some useful info that will help you start a challenge in the best possible way. To do this, we will use some questions that you will find in the next few days, also in our FAQs.


Who can start a Tsunami challenge? Tsunami challenges can only be initiated by Tsunami administrators;


How do I start a Tsunami challenge? There are two methods to start a Tsunami challenge: you can press the ' +' button on your dashboard at the bottom, once pressed, at the bottom right you will find the lightning symbol, which indicates that you have the possibility to start a Tsunami challenge; you can also start a challenge from the settings of your Tsunami by pressing the settings wheel at the top right of your Tsunami homepage. We will guide you through the process of starting the challenge with a special section in the app that will help you choose the right topic for your Tsunami;


Do Tsunami Challenges include rewards? No, Tsunami challenges do not include any prize, unless the administrator decides to reward the most beautiful post (for example with one or more superlikes);


Who can take part in the challenge? All components of the Tsunami can take part in the Tsunami challenge, you can participate in the challenge only if you are a participant of the Tsunami;


Can I start multiple challenges at the same time in the same Tsunami? No, you can start one challenge at a time;


If I don't take part in the challenge, can I publish what I prefer? Yes.


Where can I control which challenges I can take part in? From the 'notifications' section you can check which challenges you have participated in and which you can still participate in, the display will be like a checklist. You can also check if a challenge is active by going directly to the Tsunami homepage. 


At the start of the challenge, in addition to choosing the title of the challenge you can add a small description for the users of your Tsunami, make the most of the 70 characters granted by the description!


These are all the useful info to help you make the most of the Tsunami challenges, do not hesitate to write to us on our support channels for any questions or doubts about it.


Haven't updated Waveful yet? Run to your app store, search for 'Waveful' and press 'update'.


Have fun!


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