The new year has come, and with it also the new Waveful update 1.16

The new year has come, and with it also the new Waveful update 1.16

Are you ready for the first update of the year? We are proud to announce the release of the new Waveful Update 1.16 just to coincide with the new year! This major update brings with it several new features and improvements that will improve your social experience on Waveful.


Whether you're a veteran or a new Waveful user, this update spares no one. Let's see together what it entails and what are the brand new features introduced by the new update 1.16 of Waveful:

  • A new post on Waveful is officially called 'Wave', to further promote our vision of content that engages you like a wave does;
  • You can share from now on the growth of your Tsunami, just go to the statistics page and you can share a graph of your Tsunami statistics with friends and family;
  • We've given a fresh new look     to the Waveful About Page, which will also introduce the Waveful blog and FAQ page;
  • For seasonal or holiday badges that you haven't unlocked yet, you can now add an event to your calendar directly from the badge in question, so you don't miss any event badges during the year;
  • Videos and audios on Waveful will no longer stop your playing of your background music;
  • Many other small improvements and fixes.


As always, we invite you to let us know what you think, and, if you have any questions, doubts or problems, do not hesitate to write to us directly on our support channels.


If you missed the news introduced by the previous version 1.15 of Waveful, you can retrieve them at this link.


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