The new Waveful update 1.21 is now online

The new Waveful update 1.21 is now online

The new navbar is waiting you, the new Waveful update 1.21 is now online, which includes some new features and solves some problems of our platform.

Many new features are waiting you, one above all the new navbar that will accompany you in your social experience for a more fluid and linear navigation; But let's go in order!

Waveful wants to become a better platform and offer the best social experience to its users through new updates that will implement new and functional features to the needs of users.

In fact, there are many surprises in store from Waveful for future updates of the app; The 1.21 is one of them.

Even the previous version of the app 1.20 was a confirmation of the rule:

· Waveful friends: You can now find all your friends' phone contacts on a special page in the app. You can then immediately view your friends' accounts on Waveful and invite those who have not yet joined;

· Would you like to get a month of Premium for free or the Lifetime Premium on Waveful? In the section dedicated to in-app invitations, you can now find the special page "Create a video" where you will find all the rules to get the Lifetime Premium on Waveful.

· Many other improvements and bug fixes, we have improved the speed in the app to make your social experience even better.

Now let's see together what introduces the new update 1.21 of Waveful:

· We have completely revamped the Waveful interface, you will find a fresh new navigation bar and various improvements to Waves design, so you can experience Waveful in its fullness even more;

· New badges? New badges! A new series of 5 badges regarding comments is awaiting for you to start unlocking them all. We've also added a new badge for existing comments;

· We also added a new easy badge to the already existing comments likes from authors series;

· The statistics page is now even more cooler and useful with a new cumulative visualization;

· Last but not least, you will also find many improvements and bug fixes.


If you haven't already, you can download the new Waveful Update 1.21 directly from your app store. If you have any questions or concerns related to the new Waveful Update 1.21, you can contact us through our support channels.


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