The new Waveful update 1.14.0 is online

The new Waveful update 1.14.0 is online

New month for Waveful means new update, the new Waveful update 1.14.0 is now online which also introduces several new features on our application.


As promised, we always try to offer the best experience to our users, and for this reason, there are a lot of news coming to our platform, but let's go one step at a time.


The last update 1.13.0, also called tide score update, was the confirmation, if you missed it you can find all the features introduced at this link.


We now come to the new update 1.14.0 of Waveful many requests from our users about possible implementations and fixes of some bugs, here they are:

  • Saved posts: You can now save posts you enjoy on Waveful! Just tap on the bookmark icon on a post to save it, you will then always find it in your personal saved collection in your profile settings;
  • We gave a new colorful twist to posts on Waveful, your posts will now display your profile color when liking or saving;
  • Fixed the comments section sometimes not opening when writing a comment;
  • Video recording on Android is now back fully working;
  • Other minor improvements and various fixes, that we are sure you will find and appreciate.


Do you want to receive a new special badge? Your recommendations are important to us, which is why we have created an anonymous survey in which Waveful users can express their opinion on our platform and provide feedback and opinions for future updates. You can fill out the anonymous survey at this link, as a gift for you a new special badge!


The new Waveful update 1.14.0 is now online, as always, if you have any doubt or perplexity you can write us on our Support Channels, enjoy!


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!