The new Waveful update 1.13 is online

The new Waveful update 1.13 is online

We're back at it, after reaching 100 thousand users on Waveful we couldn't help but release a brand new version of our application. The new Waveful update 1.13, also called Tsunami score update is here, and it's all about Tsunamis!


If you don't know what a Tsunami is yet, Tsunamis are places where Waveful users come together to share their interests and passions.


With the new Waveful update 1.13, a big step forward has been taken in terms of managing Tsunamis making it easier in no small way for Tsunami administrators. In fact,Tsunami administrators are greatly facilitated in managing their Tsunamis by anew scoring system that details the best way a Tsunami should be administered.


The guidance provided by the new Tsunami administration system will allow you to better administer your Tsunami, increase its score, followers and interactions within it.


Let's not get lost in any more chatter and go right into all the new features of the new Waveful update 1.13:


-Tsunami's tide score: is a special number from 0 to 100 (you will be able to find it next to the Tsunamis' profile picture) that will help you choose the best Tsunamis on Waveful and, if you run one, you will be able to know in detail how to improve your Tsunami;


-Three new pages for Tsunami administrators: through these three pages you will be able to see all of a user's posts on your Tsunami, posts removed by a user on your Tsunami, and a page to check posts not yet seen by administrators;


-We have included a useful page for administrators of a Tsunami that will help you grow your Tsunami with new suggestions;


-We separated the view limits for becoming a Creator and creating a Tsunami, they are now 5000 views and 1000 views respectively, so it will be even easier for Wavers to create a Tsunami;


-Now you'll be able to delete old or unused Tsunamis;


-In addition to these changes, we have also made many general improvements to the app, and 4 new special colors will be released soon.


-Quick Actions: From your device, by holding down on the Waveful icon, we have included Quick Actions, from which you can directly take advantage of some of Waveful's functions before even opening the app such as: making a story and creating a post, plus you can link directly to our website.


As you have been able to read the new features introduced by the new Waveful update 1.13 are many, so we recommend that if you have not already done so, you update the application.


As always if you have any doubt or perplexity, you can write us on our Support channels, enjoy!


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!