Make Instagram Instagram again

Make Instagram Instagram again

Make Instagram Instagram again is the slogan that has been circulating for a few days on the famous Social Network of Mark Zuckemberg, to do it as the master, are the protagonists of Instagram, those who make Instagram a real job, the Influencers. To make the slogan viral, the well-known photographer @illumitati aka Tati Bruening thought about it, who with a post on Instagram, generated thousands of engagment and many shares.


The slogan Make Instagram Instagram again is accompanied by a phrase that suggests why it was launched: (stop trying to be TikTok, i just want to see cute photos of my friends) SINCERLY EVERYONE.

Let's see together why it is depopulating and what it means. 


Instagram like TikTok


Instagram like TikTok because if you use Instagram, and you have a user profile, you will surely have noticed that for a few weeks you can find on your homepage posts (especially videos) of people you do not follow but, very often, they reflect your interests and passions. This system introduced by Instagram is particularly effective to introduce you to people and pages that you did not know and that you would surely have reason to know and follow. However, what users, and in particular influencers, complain about is the fact that to give space to pages and users unknown to us, the posts that really should interest us are left behind, namely those of our friends, our loved ones, but above all the pages that we really follow and that we are interested in seeing and following the updates. In addition, the complaints come from the fact that Instagram itself is leaving photos aside and is putting videos and Reels in the foreground (which we will talk about shortly). 


Instagram as TikTok because, as is now known, this display system recently used by Instagram is taken from the famous Social Network TikTok, the Social Network that ousted Instagram from the first place in the Android and Apple store rankings.


If you are not an insider, TikTok uses an extremely effective video viewing system, which shows you in the "for you"section videos of people you follow but above all videos of people and pages that you do not follow but that may interest you because they align with your interests and passions. This system has made viral many characters of the web that with simple "do it yourself" videos have found themselves with thousands if not even millions of followers.


As if that were not enough, Instagram like TikTok also because it took inspiration from the latter to introduce the Reels(simple videos of maximum 60 seconds) also on Instagram. For some years now,Instagram has decided to allow users to create Reels, videos of up to 60seconds, introducing a dedicated section with a video editing system, duration of seconds per clip and choice of music to be introduced in the videos.


Hence the discontent of many influencers of Mark Zuckemberg's platform.

Many influencers have decided to support the slogan"Make Instagram Instagram again" including:


·      Kylie Jenner and sisters

·      Kim Kardashian and sisters

·      Chiara Ferragni

·      Chrissy Teigen

and many others.


Instagram's answer


Instagram's response was not long in coming, and came from Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram: "I'm getting a lot of messages worried about photos and how we're shifting the focus to videos. I want to be clear: we will continue to keep the photos, they are part of our history, I love the photos and I know that many of you love them. That said, I have to be honest: I really believe that Instagram will increasingly become a place for videos." 

With these statements, Adam Mosseri suggests that an important change is underway for Instagram, aimed at enhancing more and more videos and reels rather than photos.


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