Christmas is coming: The new Waveful update 1.15 is now online

Christmas is coming: The new Waveful update 1.15 is now online

Christmas is coming, and with it also the new Waveful update 1.15 that remains in theme with the Christmas period to which we are going to meet and introduces several new features on our application as well as some gifts in app related to the Christmas holidays.


As you may have noticed by now, updates on Waveful never stop; the new update 1.15 of Waveful in addition to introducing some gifts in apps related to the Christmas holidays, solves bugs and anomalies, and introduces new features on our application.


The previous update 1.14 of Waveful, also called saved post update, introduced the ability to save the posts you prefer, and to be able to go and recover them once saved in a special section in the app.


Now let's see together the new features introduced by the new update 1.15 of Waveful:

  • 8 new badges, 5 of these related to the new feature of saved posts that we talked about in our previous article, 2 new badges for comments and a new badge for post series;
  • We increased for all users the quality of images you post on Waveful, and if you are Premium (also with invites Premium) you can now post images in up to 4K of     quality;
  • For a limited time, on our Waveful shop you can give Superlike packages to other users on Waveful;
  • A LOT of other improvements and fixes in the app.


In order not to miss anything, today 12-12-2022 is Waveful's birthday, entering our application, if you didn’t do it last year, you will unlock the special badge related to Waveful's birthday.


These are the innovations introduced by the new update 1.15 of Waveful, as always we urge you to let us know what you think and if there are any problems, do not hesitate to write to our support channels.


Hello, my name is Gianluca and I welcome you to the Waveful's Blog!